Poisoned Tree

We hope that you all have had a blessed Easter weekend.

On my visit to KBS that Easter weekend, I noticed that one of the last old trees still left in the development (growing in the green strip), was very sick.

After investigating the tree I was shocked to realise that the tree wasn’t sick but poisoned.

Attached see photos where someone drilled 3 holes into the tree.

I believe that whoever did this, poured something in the holes, to kill the tree, as people had explained to me.

We followed it up with the authorities and they are not aware of it. It must have been one of the owners.

Please we cannot disrupt the nature in KBS for the benefit of one owner who has a problem with the tree. Most people move to places like KBS to be surrounded by nature and beauty and having some people destroy nature for selfish reasons, is not acceptable.

I have a saying: “If you are kind to nature, nature will be kind to you”.

We all know it will come to light, and I hope that the person who has done this, will start planting new trees in the green strip.

Any information regarding this matter will be handled privately.

Have a great day


Pieter Geldenhuys